Kendrick-Juliaetta Horizons
The community of Juliaetta and Kendrick has been selected to participate in the HORIZONS Program.

HORIZONS is a community leadership program aimed at reducing poverty in small rural communities (population less than 5,000) faced with economic decline and demographic change.
HORIZONS explores perceptions about and sources of poverty; it isn’t always about lack of money.
HORIZONS build stronger community leadership; leadership is as important as good roads, great schools and clean water.
HORIZONS embraces the entire community; everyone is needed and everyone has something to give. For communities to thrive, everyone must thrive

Who funds HORIZONS?

HORIZONS is funded by the Northwest Area Foundation, whose mission is to help communities reduce poverty in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. These states were served by the Great Northern Railway, founded by James J. Hill. In 1934, Hill’s son, Louis W. Hill established the Foundation.

What has happened to date with the HORIZONS program in our Kendrick Juliaetta community?
• Five community members attended a HORIZONS Showcase event to help the community determine if they wanted to join the program.
• An application for acceptance has been submitted and we have been selected to participate in the program.
• Our local KJCDA Board has agreed to serve as steering committee for the program.
• An organizational meeting was held with Pat Eck, the HORIZONS program’s regional coordinator.
• Six community members volunteered to serve as facilitators and have attend the “Study Circles” facilitator’s training.

Next Steps

• Community “Study Circles” have been conducted
Workshops are scheduled to address issues that have been identified as needs in the community.,p. Leadership Plently Training has been attended by three people and the Leadership Plenty has been completed.

Our Amazing Race Vision Rally was conducted October 17, 2007 at the Kendrick High School Gym.
This program was very successful and has lead us into the next step which is taking Action on the Vision.

Vision Launch was Thurs. Oct. 25, 2007 6:00 PM at the Sr. Citizens Center in Kendrick.
Four Action Teams were developed during the Launch meeing. These committees are meeting on regular time schedules addressing issues that can work toward fulfilling our Vision.

Contact person is Lil Howerton, 289-4567

HORIZONS IS ABOUT MOVEMENT AND CHANGE: From waiting to leading…from talk to action…from poverty to prosperity…from a few to many…from despair to hope…from indifference to pride.

Activity on this program can also be found on this Horizons community website.
K-J & 7 Ridges Horizons Blog

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K-J Horizions Study Circle
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Vision Action Launch
Four Action Teams were formed
Group I Communications
Build Commitment/Buy-in to our Vision
Co Chairs, Connie Reid 276-3191, Polly Taylor Dennler 276-4302
Group II Bridge Builders
Build a bridge between young and old.
Co Chairs, Amber Brocke 289-5092, Rose Norris 289-3066
Group III Leadership Development
Systematic changes that include all community groups and all ages.
Co Chairs, Bob Hassoldt, Jana Townsend 289-5313
Group IV Creative Economic Opportunities
Skills to develop as leaders, create an environment.
Vision Statement
K-J & 7 Ridges Vision Statement
Horizons Community Reflections Report

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